mad fest

this past weekend i attended the wonderful mad fest event in deventer (eastern holland) a small town that doesn’t often appear on the design landscape

the one-day event for which i was invited to do talk was intimate, well organised, fun (a combination of musicians and designers in rotation on stage), featuring activities such as screenprinting posters for the attendees and mobile acoustic sessions in a mini

the local crowd was very friendly and enthusiastic (despite a smallish turnout) all in all was a charming low-key affair… as usual the amsterdam crowd were nowhere to be seen but this perhaps contributed to the unpretentious and accessible feel of the whole day, my own talk seemed to go down well and the reactions were largely very positive

the subject of music and design offers so many possibilities and i feel sure the event will grow and keep getting better & better in the future, a great start and an impressive feat for the man who dreamt it all up designer: peter kortleve, congratulations from me and once again thanks for the invite, it was mad…

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