a tragic tale

the picture below known as ‘the little boy with the bucket’ is in fact of a young girl, a friend of mine: ‘stije van der beek’

now a grown woman and currently studying photography herself in the hague… it was taken 23 years ago by ‘esther kroon’ a young photographer who shot many images of young children (with a characteristic low vantage point) during her short career… she also briefly assisted ‘rineke dijkstra’ but was tragically murdered in 1992 by thieves, whilst visiting guatemala

‘van zoetendaal’ publishing have released a new volume of her work today in amsterdam and her former colleague rinke dijkstra has made a new portrait of stije, which can be seen in the ‘nrc’ newspaper next monday… i’m very curious to see her interpretation of ‘the boy with the bucket’ and also the ‘kroon’ exhibition, which runs till 14 october in ‘foam’ amsterdam

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