music – design ’12

yet another design festival… except this one is outside of amsterdam (or even western holland) for a change, at a former orphanage (turned pop temple) in the sunny city of ‘deventer’

the ‘music & design festival’ or mad fest for short is the brainchild of one fella: peter kortleve and he has managed to organise a whole new festival in an incredibly short period, the first edition will be taking place on the 27th of october (3 weeks) and will feature, 5 bands or musicians, 5 designers & 5 lectures, of which i am one…

there are numerous ‘shows’ planned during the one-day event on the theme of ‘music & design’ and i am looking forward to another trip outside of these city walls and a chance to meet some new inspiring people, see you there maybe?…

only three weeks left to think of how to explain my long-standing yet vague relationship with music…

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