a web of chaos, violence and destruction

from the competent hands of dutch graphic designers ‘kummer & herrman’: a beautiful new photo book which follows the trail of the deadly poppy around the world, follow the link which offers a high quality ‘issu’ preview…

in their own words; the story …uncovers the relationship between ‘far-away’ places such as Kandahar, Bishkek and Tirana, and the day-to-day events in our own neighbourhoods, such as street crime, drug addiction and even terrorism. By connecting the dots, Knoth and De Jong disclose the ever more complex patterns of our globalised world. Afghanistan serves as a fearsome model for regions in other parts of the world also affected by violence and conflict. A world in which war, crime, politics and money have become interdependent and entangled in entirely new ways. Conventional methods to solve these conflicts are no longer adequate…

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