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i finally found some space (just in time for easter) to post these: a new set of four ‘post paid’ stamps which we designed for the dutch post office ‘PostNL’ that were released this week, very proud of them we are too…

the stamps are aimed at the business market and intended for large direct-mail customers (i.e. readers digest) so they are not for sale over the counter to the public (unfortunately!)

the brief was to ‘use a flower’ and this is where we chose to go… the images are actually three-dimensional paper flowers folded with simple, coloured A4 laser paper, placed on a background and photographed, the extra graphic elements were added later in the computer

things will be definitely quiet on the blog this weekend, back early next week after a blog/twitter/FB-free pause… although i may post a few ‘making of’ images of the stamps if i have the urge… we got a bit carried away with origami flowers and i wanted to share some of the ‘also-ran’ for this project!

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