when i initially saw some of this packaging it brought about a certain nostalgic feeling, not only because it is clearly old but also because i can vaguely remember some of it myself as a kid…

supermarket chain ‘sainsburys’ developed an untypically british ‘modernistic’ range of ‘own label’ products during the ’60s and ’70s of the last century and it turns out (to my surprise) that they had a dedicated in-house design team, something which to my mind is more often associated with german (braun), dutch (randstad) or swiss brands (geigy) than british ones of that era… the first golden era of ‘helvetica’?

the extensive archive has been lovingly documented in a fabulous little book, called simply ‘own label’ compiled & designed by london-based ‘fuel through their own publishing wing…

this is a rewrite of a dutch article i wrote last week for ‘fontanel’

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