paper letters & sour grapes

last night was the awards ceremony for the dutch theater poster awards in amsterdam, i attended along with fellow jury member ‘sander plug’ and the winner was ‘paulien cornelisse’ (shown above), a decision i still firmly stand behind…

afterwards i was, as usual, confronted with all kinds of ‘sour’ and negative reactions from other nominees, the ususal blogs and ‘design journalists’ who like to criticise everything did just that, my own nomination also wasn’t without problems, as usual it earned me a lot of accusations of nepotism, the nomination was then withdrawn several weeks ago as it apparently didn’t meet the criteria (a decision which mainly reflects on the poor quality of the oraganisation itself in my opnion) it was then reinstated and last night i was lead to understand that being a jury member automatically disqualified me from winning anyway, a fact that has never been clear to me, in fact i had been told that quite the opposite was the case

all in all a very deflating and unpleasant experience to be honest, this is certainly the last time i will be spending so much time & energy working (for free) for a jury that earns me nothing but sour grapes from other designers… the jury report can be read online here and if you don’t agree with what it says don’t call me i’m not interested in your opinion right now… and my sincere congratulations to paulien

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