dda 2011

…designers want to change the world, but they can’t do it all on their own. This year the jury noticed that the key subject of many contemporary design concerns the changing world and the issues associated with it. The engagement has been a constant subject of conversation, also with the jury, who in an exceptionally lively discussion has taken the decisions. At the same time, the jury stresses the fact that the power of ‘design thinking’ should not be underestimated. The designs of the finalists proved to be rich and differentiated, which shows that even in these turbulent times, Dutch designers hold their heads high. They feel passionate about creating a better future…

this rather grand statement was made by the chairman of this years international jury (hedy d’ancona) during the awards ceremony for the dutch design awards which i attended this weekend, the winners are named on the site but surprisingly there is still no overview showing the work, perhaps this will be added during the coming week? i hope so… i found myself agreeing with many of the winners but also slightly disappointed with a few, most particularly in the very category i also scouted for: communcation

as usual it was a great opportunity to catch up with old friends and have a few beers (and then a few more) congratulations to all of the winners and of course all of the finalists too…

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