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…is it possible to draw a portrait of contemporary Hungary with only one pencil, held by many? Could we map this country at all with its controversial optimism and pessimism, proud and poetry in one single book? Fifty young visual authors were invited by new media lab Kitchen Budapest and designer Annelys de Vet (NL/B) to put their homeland in perspective. Rather than folkloristic clichés, the authors present disarming personal visions based on involvement. Bound together they shed light on today’s Hungarian spirit; from the best and worst things in life to innocent nursery rhymes and national fraud, from wine spritzer and salty sticks to vegetable gardens and sold-out products. These unconventional stories together express the way cultural identity is continuously in motion, influenced from many sides, and multicultural by definition.

designer ‘annelys de vet’ mailed me recently about her latest book project: ‘a subjective atlas of hungary’ which can be viewed online here

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