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…numerous books have been published this year that act as lookbooks or compendiums of handmade type, but Charlotte Rivers’s Handmade Type workshop goes one better, offering for examination and inspiration the work of some 40 designers and illustrators, but crucially also offering ‘tutorials’ from these creatives which show, step by step, how they create their typography. And the range is mind-bogglingly inventive and original; from the tiny paper scraps used by Amy Borrell and the beans used by Vladimir Koncar to the string and pins utilised by Me Studio and the embrodiery stitching of Smart Emma…

mm… ok, sounds promising: a new typography book from thames & hudson compiled by london-based design journalist ‘charlotte rivers’, which features work and detailed tutorials from talented designers such as ‘hansje van halem’ (oh and they asked other ones, like me, too) due for release this summer…

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