succes and uncertainty

…on Wednesday June 1st 2011 a lightbox will hang outside the Townhouse Gallery announcing the start of the project and showcasing the first of twenty-one posters. During the month of June 2011, each day a new poster will be presented, generating a growing exhibition. The daily changing posters will be seen both in- and outside of the gallery and will, just as newspapers do, show bold statements and gruesome facts, next to light-hearted messages, such as casual observations and rumours that caught Sandra and Bart’s attention during their residency. The content provided by both therefore creates a clash of information that will influence the way one reads a poster. It was this constant dialogue between the designers that lead to Success and Uncertainty…

two graphic designers from the netherlands currently working in residence in cairo, share the work they are producing in a country going through turbulent times… the rather well-hidden about page is here

(thanks to ‘hansje’ for the tip)

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