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i’ve been (very kindly) invited to attend the much talked about two-day design seminar ‘what design can do’ this coming thursday & friday in amsterdam’s stadsschouwburg, the event promises a broad range of speakers on a variety of topics and has ambitions to be about achieving results: not just discussing and showing what the effect of design can be in society but to actually provide useable examples from brainstorm sessions and workshops during the event, we shall see whether this actually transpires but the intention is certainly laudable, as is the fact that busy working designers like richard & pepijn from the ‘designpolitie’ have even initiated the whole event, whilst running their own practice… if only more of us put this much energy back into the dialogue about the future of our own profession…

my personal favourites for the two day event are both british and from very differing backgrounds and generations, although i hope equally as interesting to hear: the experienced wisdom of michael wolff and the eclectic curiosity of daniel eatock, however if previous events are anything to go by, the unknown names could well be the real source of surprise and inspiration… the event also mysteriously promises to release a book (made on the fly) which will be released in a fashion that ‘will stir the world’… promises, promises… see you all on thursday morning maybe?

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