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i spent wednesday morning brainstorming together with respected product design duo tejo remy & rene veenhuizen at their spacious atelier on the outskirts of utrecht, we are collaborating on a new project during the summer months which involves a documentary film series, a hand built interview object/room and some custom typography and spatial structures… sounds vague? well it is right now but we had a good meeting together with our client and it looks like the collaboration could be a very fruitful one…

it was also great to visit their chaotic work space, see some of the ongoing experimental work and all share our ideas and vision on the new project ahead… more news soon, also check out their own ‘work in progress’ blog

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  1. […] had an inspiring morning talking with product designer and friendly fella ‘rené’ at atelier tejo remy & rene veenhuizen in utrecht about the progress on our project ‘hoofdzaken’, the physical object itself […]

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