is dutch design dutch?

on monday my (small) studio was hosting a visit by a small group of young design students from the renowned ‘pratt institute’ in new york, accompanied by their friendly teacher mister ‘tom klinkowstein’, the visit and discussion was initiated by designer ‘helene bergmans’ (ex-dumbar, ex-barlock) and together with designer ‘erwin slaats’ (ex-EdenSpiekermann) and pam asselbergs (ex-EAT, ex-VBAT) we were asked to each show a few projects and to talk to the students about ‘dutch design’ and what their impressions were of the differences between the two nations (amongst other things)

the talk raised a few interesting topics for me and it was really fun to meet new people and ‘talk shop’, something which i wish we all did more… see you all next time in new york and thanks for the inspiration…

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