six f plus

three final-year design students from the art school in constance, germany: ‘marco mauber’, ‘tobias suppan’ and my good mate mate/ex-intern ‘uwe steffen’ have just completed this fascinating project entitled sechs ‘f’ plus, the site is in german only but the comprehensive colelction images are enough to give you an idea what it’s all about…

they have basically deconstructed the medium photography, choosing to disassemble and then rebuild a whole series of cameras using various techniques such as panoramic, stereo, single lens reflex, the mysterious sounding ‘schwarze otto’ and solargraphy, the gaffer tape style cameras which resulted from their experiment were all functional and used to shoot a series of images, later compiled into a neat book and even an exhibition to collect the whole process into a coherent story, worth a look, nice work ‘uwe’… makes me proud :)

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