a bit of a stasis in graphics

…type-only logos have ruled for well over a decade as the harsh economics of designing for the limited ‘real estate’ available online has forced a concentration on the words. Perhaps the pressure of tiny web icons, phone buttons and favicons will make us all consider ‘pictures’ again. If Shell and Apple have become synonymous with pictures, not words, maybe it’s possible. It’s been a while…

interesting piece from michael johnson on the the way ahead for corporate identity design

…tight times and tight budgets mean that clients tend to err on the side of safety. So innovative design has to prove its worth and prove its contribution to the bottom line – tough to do but a pre-requisite if we’re not going to get sunk in a sea of mediocre, ‘safe’ design for two years. ‘I just preferred it like that’ is not a viable piece of boardroom rationale anymore…

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