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@Ryan Pescatore Frisk:
I don’t know where I’m going, but it’s definitely not here.

i couldn’t agree less with this tweet posted on saturday afternoon, following on from the seminar taking place in amsterdam amidst the chaos of snow and cancelled flights all over europe… a packed paradiso listened to a series of talks on where graphic design is headed and i found it all very inspiring, no real hard answers but plenty of clues as to what is happening in the world and how we as designers can play a relevant role in those changes…

some highlights for me were the british design critic ‘alice rawsthorn’, who addresssed the crowd via ‘skype’ from london due to a cancelled flight (which somehow gave her talk an extra level of urgency) plus ‘stefan sagmeister’ (whose presentation i’ve heard at least twice already in recent years but never bores me) the ‘wikileaks’ architecture ponderings from ‘metahaven’ and a personal note by ‘sophie krier’ who initiated the whole afternoon… all in all highly entertaining and i’m already looking forward to next years event.

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