tree of codes

…as jonathan began to carve out his story, we started doing our production homework and literally got turned down by every printer we approached – their stock line being “the book you want to make just cannot be made”…

an amazing looking book by author ‘jonathan safran foer’, the cover design is by mister gray318 and the rest by the equally talented ‘sara de bondt’

to be honest, in general, i find his books difficult to read however beautifully they are always made, this one looks even more difficult than usual… but then deliberately so, i really look forward to getting my hands on this one… then not reading it, great stuff…

see also my previous (and related) post on a similar production involving a re-issued book from raymond queneau, tip via ‘maarten@VBAT’ many thanks…

update: there is also a microsite with more info and images

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