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…indoctrinated, obsessed and fascinated by this view of the “sensual seductive” woman as an object of lust, I try, almost obsessively, to comply with this image, by photographing self-portraits, as some sort of personal defense mechanism. These fantasy images are reminiscent of desires, fears, temptation, seduction, violence and sex. Self images as a sex object, but devoid of any commercial frills, made in my living room, bedroom, studio or bathroom, knowing I can never compete nor live up to the ‘commercial’ image, though revealing my own strength and my perspective on sexual freedom…

i probably wouldn’t be posting about artist hester scheurwater if the pictures she makes of herself with an iphone everyday weren’t taken between her legs… but that’s somehow the whole point of her subject matter: that it so easily gets attention, the images are raw and voyeuristic, but still have a sensuality (to my mind) that only occurs when a woman makes nude images like these, as opposed to the male viewpoint… she has ruffled a lot of feathers with her work and run into trouble you tube & facebook amongst others… she also, currently has a solo show at the stedelijk museum in zwolle (the netherlands)… one to watch, daily

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