details in reverse

…it is up to the viewer to explore his own projections and transform his own disillusion into an analytic quest for the true nature of the photographic semblance portrayed in Detail in Reverse. To this end, the artists really offer more than enough clues in the form of tapestries which bring optical illusion and the reversal of handicraft as a counterpoint to the fore. In point of fact the secret encased in the images does not lie so much in seductive aesthetics as in their traceability back to the photographic process. So, in the reflection of each independent vase-baluster, the lens can be seen to function as a valve into which the spirit of each photographic image is blown. But, as soon as the photo has been taken the valve can open again, allowing the entire set to empty itself, like some balloon. The image however has been captured and can never escape…

a new exhibition due to open this coming saturday in amsterdam, featuring the new photography project (with a twist) by the ever-original scheltens & abbenes

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