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…richard Nixon was inaug­ur­ated for his second term as pres­id­ent of the United States in 1974 – and shortly there­after became embroiled in the Water­gate scan­dal that caused him to resign the office. In that same year the first hand­held cel­lu­lar phone call was made, “The God­father, Part II” won best movie of the year at the Academy Awards, and Sec­ret­ariat became the first horse in over 25 years to win U.S. horseracing’s triple crown. ITC also began pub­lish­ing U&lc, The Inter­na­tional Journal of Typo­graph­ics in 1974. Herb Lub­alin was the edit­or­ial and art dir­ector of the first issue and his sem­inal design set the stage for future issues of trend set­ting and award win­ning edit­or­ial creations…

all of the back issues of this seminal typography journal are being put online for free, how kind

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