the logo that never was

the skyscraper still (from the film ‘wall street’ 1987) above, just reminded me of one of the best logos that never was…

founded in jamaica in the 50’s label island records has gone through many logo variations through the years, from good to bad to average

however, the best one (in my opinion) actually never happened which is a real shame, the one i mean was used as an illustration on the back of CD sleeves for a few years (then dropped) but never actually got implemented as a logo for the company, even though it was the perfect mix of elements:

the ‘small jamaican company palm tree’ vibe and the ‘big, modern, downtown manhattan music business’ vibe all rolled into one clever image, shown here below…

a real shame, it had the potential to be on par with say the classic ‘fedex’ logo… and way better than the simple generic palm tree that did get implemented (thanks to ‘thomas’ on FB for the memory-jog)

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