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for those who didn’t already know: ‘me studio’ started out as a duo (that’s where the name comes from martin & erik) the office has since changed location four times (and is due to move once again in october this year probably) we’ve worked for some fascinating clients and won numerous awards in the past few years, we’ve also had equally as much fun making all of the other less celebrated projects too… we’ve seen some amazing work from fellow designers & creative minds all over the world, which we like to share on a daily basis with everyone… graphic design is still the best job i could ever think of…

the ‘me blog’ recently underwent a pretty structural face-lift at the back-end (and will have another one in the coming months), the number of ‘unique page views’ is growing daily, we’ve received visitors here at the office from tokyo, denmark, london, italy, france and many many more from such faraway places as vietnam, chili, poland, china, kazachstan everyday via the blog… (thank you) i am also now blogging for ‘fontanel’ on a regular basis, sharing some inspiration in dutch too and the number of people who contact me with interesting stuff and invites to get my work published in books etc. is amazing

the point of all of this rambling is that we’ve got a birthday to celebrate, the time stamp on this post (8-8-8) marks our fifth anniversary as a company, i say ‘we’ because although i am the only person who sits in the office everyday ‘me studio’ is the result of a large network of fine people around me and talented artists i get to work with everyday, thank you all very much, if you feel like leaving a comment or even criticism here below, be my guest, here’s to the next five… cheers!

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  1. and a big thanks to femke & keet for the suprise brunch this morning and a suprise evening… you’re the best!

    comment by m — 08-08-2010

  2. Congratulations to ‘me’!
    Hope the first five years will pale in comparison with the next five


    comment by Thomas — 08-08-2010

  3. oi m, congratulations with me’s birthday! thanks for being an inspiration and the coolest guy to work with. indeed… cheers to another five. hieperdepiep!

    comment by harm — 09-08-2010

  4. london calling …. the only site i go to every day , love it , keep going mate .

    comment by dominic — 09-08-2010

  5. congrats mr pyper.

    it was a pleasure time working for you. and I am willing to do it again ;)


    comment by uwe — 09-08-2010

  6. time flies.
    many congrats – we think your performance is outstanding !

    comment by natascha — 09-08-2010

  7. Congrats M! Keep on sharing.
    If it’s not on the ME it’s not worth mentioning ;)

    comment by Franklin — 10-08-2010

  8. 5!

    comment by bettina — 10-08-2010

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