fix the problem, fix the logo?

is the helios destined for the scrap heap? an interesting article from ‘dan dimmock’ on the identity forum over the precarious bp identity, the possibility that the brand may survive the disaster (i too believe it could) and some revealing case studies of companies that have previously rebranded after global disasters or malpractice, the union carbide one shown below for example is pretty bizarre… from gassing local villagers to a cat with nine lives…

although according to one of the comments below the article, they are already working on a rebrand to the name ‘amoco’, we shall see…

Dependent on the outcome of the next few days, weeks and months — combined with history, years of profit, accumulated growth, thousands of staff — one can’t help wonder whether BP’s green and yellow, environmentally inspired and instantly recognisable ‘Helios’ will ever again evoke trust, assurance
and loyalty.

If BP is able to position itself as accountable for all its actions, remain respectful of its size and position and prove itself capable by delivering the promises it has made, perhaps not even the largest onslaught of global, cross-platform disapproval can knock the Helios from its pedestal.

On proving itself to be ‘Beyond Petroleum’, and borne from forward-looking, innovative insight, is BP’s identity system so flexible, powerful and sustainable it will be able to support the brand, whatever the crisis?

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