the felicity poster competition, featuring amongst others ‘david carson’ and ‘woody pirtle’ as jury members is closing for submissions this coming saturday, so be quick if you want to enter…

i personally, however, cannot even understand what the brief means… if somebody can understand what they are asking everyone to do/make, please drop me a line… i’m just baffled:

…does graphic art have a sense in times of crisis? When the life conditions of a community are put into discussion and everything seems to take on a connotation of urgency, graphic art can be a tool for channelling a statement, to sensitize and propose new solutions, to transmit ideas, sensations and opinions. Over the years the needs of people change and diversify, professional qualities also change and diversify as well as the way of representing and communicating them. Felicity aims at providing a contribution to reflection beginning from an anthropological vision and arriving at modern times, in the expectation of a future where the city can be a better place for self-improvement.

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