the scorsese factor

…the second reason is the work itself. This is where the Scorsese comparison breaks down, because he eventually won his Oscar for The Departed, a good film, but probably not his finest. This is one of Innocent’s best pieces of work. It must get harder and harder to write good, convincing stuff when an increasingly cynical audience is looking for any excuse to write you off, and you’re surrounded by countless imitators tiresomely attempting the same thing.

But Innocent have always done it much, much better. And they’ve moved things on by introducing some playful graphic and illustrative elements, like the copy that winds in circles, so you’re shaking up the contents even as you read it. It’s all carried off with the familiar winning charm that Innocent keep getting exactly right – and is much harder than they make it look…

interesting article on this year’s D&AD ‘writing for design’ winner: the smoothie people innocent

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