needless to say i am attached to her work

…out of the 30-40,000 negatives I have in the collection, about 10-15,000 negatives were still in rolls, undeveloped from the 1960’s-1970’s. I have been successfully developing these rolls. I still have about 600 rolls yet to develop. I must say, it’s very exciting for me. Most of her negatives that were developed in sleeves have the date and location penciled in French (she had poor penmanship)…

this a great story i picked up from ‘design observer’: an american fella ‘john maloof’ who acquired a set of negatives in an auction that turned out to be the complete oeuvre of an unknown chicago street photographer vivian maier, there are some really beautiful images in there and a stunning visual history of a city too… he tried to find her when it became obvious what he had bought but she sadly passed away just before he got the chance to meet her…

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