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‘ok go’ seem to get much more attention for their viral videos than their otherwise fairly mediocre ‘high school’ music… the latest effort receives comments on you tube like ‘awesome’ and ‘amazing’ which are fairly apt words for this video, but for other reasons than intended

it is ‘amazingly awesome’ that someone could choose to plagiarise (in it’s entirety) an already exsisting film: the ground-breaking art film der lauf der dingen by swiss artist-duo ‘fischli & weiss’ from way back in 1987, much like the wieden & kennedy rip-off ‘honda’ commercial from several years back, this one doesn’t even attempt to do anything novel with the original idea, unbelievable… the ending with the crowd also reminds me very much of roel wouter’s excellent grip promo

fortunately for them nobody these days, seems to be aware of the original so it can happily spread around the net and earn high-praise for ‘borrowing’ someone else’s idea, awesome! check this link for a preview of the ‘real’ thing

update: here is yet another ‘homage’ entitled ‘nearness’ but these guys at least refer to the original on their website…

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