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last week i caught up with roel wouters, a.k.a. xelor on the phone to talk to him about his two fabulous projects ‘grip’ and ‘robot high school’

the reason for approaching him was that i had entered his work for the ‘dutch design awards’ in the notoriously difficult category ‘animation’

roel’s work isn’t strictly animation, rather a new kind of genre which i suppose you could call ‘live action animation’ roel explained to me that ‘grip was actually made as a live performance for a video festival and only later after the fact turned into a pop video, the whole thing was (deliberately) shot in one take to ensure that everybody tried their hardest, and it shows…

the two things that i like the most about this project are that it contains a lot of humour and it also (perhaps by chance) acts as a kind of statement against the digital culture & image manipulation in general, it pokes fun at video special effects and is a convincing demonstration of the fact that a good idea is always better than a big budget and snazzy technology

anyway, congratulations from ‘me’ for the nomination and i would be very surprised if ‘xelor’ doesn’t walk away with the first prize in october…

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  1. […] is fun… it reminds me a lot of roel wouters’ fabulous zzz clip (in terms of the basic idea) although a bit less well done… (via ‘ronnie b’) […]

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