holland festival (part 2)

i got a really nice mail from ‘vincent van baar’ cd at studio dumbar yesterday, who likes my blog (thanks) unbelievably it seems that more than one person has bothered to read my ‘overly long’ blog entry (1300 words, see ‘me stuff’) about poster design

vincent, who is in a pretty good position to know corrected me on some of the facts i wrote about the two posters (shown here) that are amongst my all-time favourites…

the curly logo and the first series were designed by ‘ed macdonald’ (from cranbrook) in 1986, the cardboard model and the second series in ’87 were designed by the brilliant ‘rorbert nakata’ also from cranbrook. ‘gert dumbar’ made the coloured strips and together with robert they art directed the photography, which was done by ‘lex van pieterson’ the picture was used as a background and printed in a large run in offset. the typography was later added in screen print and the two shown here actually designed by ‘ton van bracht’. in 1988 the posters were again done using the same technique, but in ’89 the screenprint was dropped and the whole series was produced in offset. the offset/screenprint technique was largely based on studio dumbar’s earlier work for ‘theater zeebelt’, thanks for the info vincent…. unfortunately vincent was also able to tell me that these are indeed very scarce, and i was hoping hee was going to offer me a set for a sweet price… oh well

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