talking tactile

i promised several people that i would post a list of the stuff i mentioned last week at the ‘papier hier’ talk and here it is, probably a meaningless list of websites unless you were there, the topic was ‘tactile’ and these are some of the people and projects i spoke about in that context…

‘boven kamers’ book by moon brouwer

‘happy faces’ by dennis van gaalen

posters from sergio alves

the wonderful toaster project by thomas thwaites

the austria solar annual report

underwater images by alberto seveso

fictional film sets by daniel agdag

tactile photography dan tobin smith

tactile photography bela borsodi

swiss artist ‘bernard voïta’ (hard to find, google him…)

swiss artist felice varini

human trees by jody xiong

string art from gabriel dawe

toilet roll art from junior fritz jacquet

tactile typography by marian bantjes

intricate layouts and paper objects from peter nencini

nail art chen chun hao (or google him)

nail art goshka macuga

‘balancing blocks’ short by part & parcel

‘bag charms’ by christian borstlap

‘frictions’ short by steven briand

and here above is me together with mister ian wright whom i certainly would have mentioned in my talk, except that he was already invited as a guest speaker that day…
(image above courtesy of ‘willie kerkhof’)

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