EU nations are better at supporting research and development

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replica celine purse Britain’s manufacturing sector ‘worst performing in developed world’ says shock reportSince 2000, UK manufacturing has shrunk twice as fast as in the other OECD nations with more than 100,000 jobs lostByMark Ellis00:00, 24 MAR 2016British steel industry is suffering (Image: Getty) Get politics updates directly to your inbox+ SubscribeThank you for subscribing!Could not subscribe, try again laterInvalid EmailBritain’s manufacturing base is one of the worst performing of the world’s developed countries, a shock report reveals.Steel and chemical industries have seen at least 100,000 jobs disappear and output has stagnated during the economic recovery.Only Norway has a smaller industrial base than Britain in the European Union and hopes of creating a Northern Powerhouse are being undermined by poor performance.The grim findings will make uncomfortable reading for Chancellor George Osborne less than a week after his Budget.And they triggered renewed calls for government action to stop the dumping of steel and other metals on British and European markets by China and Russia.(Image: Ian Cooper / Mirrorpix)A report by the respected think tank, the Institute of Public Policy Research (IPPR) exposes the steep decline of UK manufacturing.Since 2000 British manufacturing has shrunk twice as fast as other countries in the 34 nation Organisation for Economic Co operation and Development (OECD).The UK manufacturing sector which has shrunk by two thirds since 1970 is among the worst performing in Europe.Read more: What would it cost to repair Britain’s roads? It’s a LOT more than you thinkThe stagnation of ‘foundation industries’ like basic metals, chemicals, wood and pharmaceuticals also threatens the success of the Northern Powerhouse, with many of those sectors are concentrated in the North, Midlands and Wales.Some 90% of domestic demand for chemicals and metals come from imports some of them subsidised by the British taxpayer, up from 40% in the 1990s.The report says these are areas where the UK’s manufacturing industry should be doing better.An increase of just 1% in UK production would add an extra billion to gross output and create 19,000 jobs.EU nations are better at supporting research and development and investment in industrial sectors than the UK.The number of manufacturing jobs fell by 22% between 2008 and 2010 a fall of over 100,000 and the UK shows no sign of getting them back without government action.The IPPR report calls for action of three fronts;A fair playing field on trade and to reduce energy costs for steel makers and other firms. Regional growth fund underspend should be used to boost struggling industries such as aerospace, automobile and pharmaceutical manufacturing. A new ‘right to buy’ for employees to take over firms that are about to close or be sold off Mat Lawrence, IPPR research fellow, said: “Britain’s manufacturing has been in the doldrums for decades and took a massive hit in the 2008 recession replica celine purse.

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