egos where next?

last night i attended the discussion evening logos where next? hosted by ‘the stone twins’ in amsterdam, speakers were ‘jacques koeweiden’, ‘maureen mooren’, ‘aad van dommelen’ & stefan pangratz’

although the initiative is great, i felt that despite having the right ingredients for a heated debate (designers with highly opposed views, client types and cultures on one stage) the evening didn’t really add much material to what should be a lively and relevant debate about issues that affect us all, perhaps the evening needed a more provocative starting point instead of the over nostalgic angle taken by declan stone

the language barrier was also a large obstacle: the whole evening was oddly (for an almost 100% dutch audience) conducted in english which affected the level of the debate heavily… still nice to see that dialogue is taking place within the profession and that the practitioners are taking the initiative themselves, thanks for the invite guys but i really am still wondering where next?

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