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after doing a presentation plus a day moderating in breda, at the ‘graphic design festival’ in late sept. i will doing a few workshops at the design academy in eindhoven during october and in november i’ve been asked to do a presentation for the event ‘papier hier’ in amsterdam and i’ve just written a column for the event on the subject of ‘tactile’ design… which should be up on their website in a few days

some more news this week, i signed the contracts last week, it’s official: me studio has a new location and a great new office in the ‘jordaan’ from late september (lijnbaansgracht), within earshot of the busiest fire station in the city… time to start packing the boxes and say farewell to the vijzelstraat

first a short break in the next few weeks, so things will be very very quiet on the blog for now… see you soon

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