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just completed before the sum[me]r break today:

a rather special new production from the underground activists known as the belarus free theater who will be performing a world première of their latest creation ‘trash cuisine’, tackling the issues of capital punishment, early october in amsterdam…

posters with different text dates plus a flyer, all made with small dinner plates and a bloody mess of handwritten words, the dates needed to be shown together on the flyer and separately on the posters, a problem which i eventually solved by piling the two plates on top of each other for the flyer image…

looking forward to seeing them hanging around town, soon after we get back

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  1. […] of the test plates for the ‘trash cuisine’ theater poster (dating back to 2012) which i still have lying around in the studio, no animals were harmed during this […]

    pingback by me studio » #tbt — 10-12-2015

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