3 over 3

i recently made some simple motion graphics for a new short film ‘3 over 3’ by my friend, director ‘louis van zwol’; the plot involves a taxi driver talking to a young woman in the back of his car… the girl it transpires, is his deceased daughter for whom he is going to lay flowers at the site where she was killed in an accident at 03:03 at night, the type represents the ghostly theme of the film, ashes to ashes…

the moving typography was made using fine-grain sand, a paint brush, an old vacuum cleaner and stop-motion, i put it all together in photoshop and shot the frames out for post production, the deadline was really (really) tight so it is quite rough, but not too bad considering… still i learnt a lot about what does and doesn’t work again, which is useful as we are already talking about the next production

the film was nominated for best debut at the dutch film awards last month and can be seen in it’s entirety (under 10 minutes, in dutch only) right here

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