proto type #2

i paid a visit to the studio of ‘tejo remy & rene veenhuizen’ yesterday in utrecht, to see the progress on our collective art project ‘hoofdzaken’ the interview object is nearing completion and works perefectly, it was really great to see the guys at work… now it’s my turn to figure out exactly how to apply the typography, an exciting moment… the object will be moving to my studio in a few weeks to get started properly, more news soon…

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  1. […] project arrived back from the printers this week, i will be starting work on adding type to the actual object in the coming weeks, keep you […]

    pingback by me studio » discussion thread — 13-10-2011

  2. […] one small problem, despite there being several large lifts in the building it doesn’t fit in any of them, so we are having to move to a different location to work on the string typography […]

    pingback by me studio » roll on — 22-11-2011

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