water on glass

a cover design i made for a novel arrived back from the printers this week, not really new work but an update to an older piece of work, the novel is a dutch translation of an american novel set in the 1930’s during the depression in kentucky USA

a fairly traditional cover i know, but that was the publishers brief… the cover image is an archive stock image which i printed out, placed under a sheet of glass, sprayed with water drops and re-shot to create the desired layered effect an distorted type, i added some detailing to the water drops using a spot UV varnish on the matte laminate which worked really well, i initially tried to make some type using pices of broken glass (the title of the novel) but this was too obvious i felt… a large part of the novel takes place during rainstorms so the reference seemed more apt and somewhat less direct

this new paperback edition was very low budget so the spot varnish has now gone, the colour shift to purple (photoshop + a bit of guess work) worked suprisingly well however…

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