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i attended the premiere of the dutch national ballet holland festival program on friday, and even though i am not a big ballet fan i would really recommend it to anyone, especially if you are also not really familiar with (or a fan of) ballet

amongst the ingredients which made it such a special event for me, are the presence of electronic music by scanner, beautiful costume designs by the wonderful yumiko and some pretty awseome set designs for both the ‘cherkaoui’ production and ‘dawson’ who worked together with young german set designer ‘eno henze’ on a kind of large ‘stage-sized ipad projection’ with real time recording and timelapse photography…

the biggest surprise for me however was the fact the poster we made, shown above (which was created and devised months ago) was such a perfect fit with the look and feel of the actual show, in this case there was very little actual information available at the time (the productions were still being made) so the colour scheme and especially the creative choice of using ribbons as an image was a to some degree a complete (and happy) coincidence…

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