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i’ve been invited to the official opening of the 2011 best dutch book design exhibition next week, the awards show will take place late on friday the 10th at the temporary stedelijk followed by the public opening on saturday (by the way, usually very much worth a visit), we’re very proud to be represented amongst this years winners with no less than two of our books (not forgetting the one from last year too)

we are also looking forward to receiving a copy of the prestigious ‘best verzorgde boeken’ annual that has, this year, been entrusted to upcoming designer (& ‘irma boom’ protégé) niels schrader

to be honest this is an award i’ve always dreamed of winning; so three in a row was not only flattering but a genuine surprise… now can somebody explain to me how to get yourself placed on the ‘candidate list’ to design the book itself? i have a feeling that i simply don’t know the ‘right crowd’ to get myself a backstage pass for that gig, still you never know… patience is a virtue

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