the colour purple

these large neon letters (avenir) arrived back from a client this week… the remains of one of the largest jobs ‘me studio’ has done so far (that never happened) a corporate identity for a dutch bank, it’s quite unique for such a small studio to land a project like this so it is a shame it never made the light of day

the new identity (which was all ready to launch in early 2009) fell prey to the economic crisis and despite all of the work (from logo, to letterhead, to signage, to vehicle livery, to interiors and even their information design…) these are all that is left of the project sadly… i’m not even allowed to show the finished work, we did a lot of research to get the intended corporate colour (dark purple) working as a neon sign at night, dark colours are by their nature of course not very bright… if anyone ever needs advice on neon signs and what works ask me… we’re your man

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