culture clash

this weekend i met and had a chat to ‘royalsteez’ whose one-man campaign to raise awareness of the current political climate and the impending crisis in the arts & culture can be seen all over the netherlands, right now… as his website states:

“YOUR ART COULD HAVE BEEN HERE” is a one-man campaign initiated by artist ROYALSTEEZ. A campaign to make other artists aware of the fact that they could have been there. Aware of the fact that opportunities will never come easily and to get opportunities you’ll have to create them in order to been seen. Also to be aware of the fact that you cannot let your creations depend on grants and benefits but on hard work and showing yourself…

perhaps the most surprising fact he told me is that he actually travelled around the whole country ‘solo’ fly-posting the posters himself, which took weeks… the reason being he felt that this was part of the manifesto: to do it yourself, impressive… (top image courtesy of mister ‘jarr’)

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