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not so long ago, we made a conscious decision not to take part in pitches where creative worked is requested for free, a wise choice it seems… a decision partly fuelled by a frustration in dealing with clients who misunderstand the rules of pitching but also partly due to a frustrating tendency in the past six years of never actually winning one…

well it seems that the times have indeed changed somewhat: after winning a pitch in the summer last year (the amsterdam music theater) we are proud to announce that we have also recently won the commission to redesign the complete identity for amsterdam nightclub ‘the sugar factory’ (plus several small sub-identities for specific club evenings), secondly we have just won a pitch to produce the identity and campaign for a small arab film festival in amsterdam called ‘cinema arabe’ and as i write this news has just come in about a third new client, more news (and plenty of new work) soon…

by the way i am urgently looking for someone to help me with arab text, if anybody can write in arabic or knows someone who can i would love to hear from you

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