happy new year

ok, it would seem that location is a factor and it’s all pretty relative anyway… but here’s ‘me’ wishing everyone, everywhere much happiness and peace in the year ahead

i hope to see (or just inspire) you again next year & above all:

thanks a million for visiting ‘me’, sending ‘me’ cool stuff, angry mails, good advice, paying my bills and giving me the opportunity to make lots of nice stuff and have a lot of fun in the past year, it’s been a hectic but good year (honest) making a living in graphic design has never been so challenging as in the current economic & political climate but i still couldn’t think of anything better to do with my life…

the blog visitors are increasing at the rate of something like about 70% every year, so keep up the good work and most of all do keep in touch, see you back here next week/year xxx

at the risk of getting the usual hundreds of annoying spam messages… i’m switching comments on below, for any well wishers or critics who want to leave a message…

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