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garech & declan better known as ‘the stone twins’ (currently heads of the communication department) have created a new identity for the ‘design academy’ in eindhoven, based around a rather serious letter ‘e’ (for eindhoven, geddit?) and which further relies on the currently highly popular ‘crowdsource’ principle: everyone can fill it as they please with three words

i’m really not sure what i think of this one… of course leaving it open feels (on paper) like a good idea, all possibilities are possible etc. but the actual result feels a bit stern and forced, the idea of using words was previously used in the temporary ‘stedelijk CS’ identity from experimental jetset and the handwritten words and primary colours also bear a passing resemblance (in my mind) to the ‘communication museum’ identity from lava, again a nice idea which didn’t really work in practice i feel…

the introduction films where passers-by are encouraged to react to the logo are quite amusing (don’t be fooled the english subtitles bear almost no resemblance to the actual reactions in most cases) of course it’s maybe a bit early to say how this one will actually pan-out in practice, time will tell… all possibilities are possible etc.

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