a room with a view (exit left)

after approximately a year and a half filling my walls with bits of paper or weird photos and getting nicely settled into my little ‘me’ office (with a fabulous view across the city) it’s time to pack up…. for those who didn’t know the old ABN AMRO bank building which houses hundreds of designers, photographers, musicians and similar types on the vijzelstraat is being shut down and demolished… sadly we have to be out of here by november the first… the world makes money go round it seems

my point is this: i am looking at several options for a new ‘me’ space but would be very interested to hear from anyone who has a tip or an offer for a new space (shared or separate) i don’t have a very big footprint (30 to 40 square meters) and i’m house-trained, thanks in advance for any interesting tips…

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