more (and less) of the same

good morning… notice anything different? good… you’re not really supposed to, the site is the same but also completely different: last night at 8 past 8 in the evening (a significant date) the complete ‘’ migrated over to wordpress…

so what? well good point; it looks the same, smells the same and it’s still ‘me’ but… it does mean a lot of major differences behind the screens: try clicking the title of a post for example, comments (when i feel like it) can be left, videos can be watched, you can find old posts and there will also be a working rss feed within weeks, plus widgets, coloured type (woo hoo) and plenty of other stuff like a searchable database and useful post tags to help you navigate the growing amount of data that can be found here…

in the meantime there is a new category here on the left that contains.. well nothing so far… you can however leave a comment there for now (a little test to see how that works, i have a lot of very sarcastic friends so it might be a bad idea…) watch this space for more news, although ironically things will definitely be a bit slow around here in the coming (two to three) weeks as we work hard to implement all sorts of new stuff… by mid-june things will be back to normal again, well normal…

and finally many thanks to ‘harm’ for doing the complicated bits (i.e. everything except writing this post)

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