congratulations to me

it would seem that i missed a birthday, the ‘me blog’ turned four a few weeks ago, the first post was fairly appropriately about a time capsule

talking of time, you learn something every day (well i do) it seems that there is a phenomenon called internet time or rather, the unix time stamp which was born on the first of january 1970, unfortunately however, due to a 32 bit overflow (umm ?) the world is going to explode in 2038…

…on january the 19th just in case you want to note it in your diary…

the blog is four but ‘me studio’ was actually already running before we went online and the studio’s fifth anniversary is coming up (08/08 at 8.08 pm) and i might actually do something special this year…

m / 13-05-2010 09:38

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  1. Ongelovelijk! Hoera! De site werkt nu ook goed op de iPhone & iPad.

    comment by h — 13-05-2010

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