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last night was the offical presentation of the magazine i participated in and exhibition opening in club ‘trouw’, the project was initiated by two young designers: ‘rosa de jong’ & ‘clien wintzen’, who organised the whole thing in two months from idea to completion; which i found pretty impressive, the magazine is a mixed bunch in terms of quality which is to be expected with such a wide range of contributors, but even so to be honest i wasn’t disappointed…

they very kindly selected my piece to be part of the twenty works selected for the exhibition too, you can visit the expo in the basement of ‘trouw’ for free till the 15th of may… perhaps my only regret is that if the brief is just, do anything then it becomes difficult to judge the pieces in terms of context, next time it may be a good idea to give the whole project some overall theme or starting point… and again, please get your english checked by a native speaker before publishing it, people…

m / 07-05-2010 09:30

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