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british designer/typographer ‘miles newlyn’ has worked on some pretty major brand projects over the years and also designs custom fonts for many of those projects

his own comment on the carrefour redesign, for example’ typifies his approach:

…I had advised that the symbol not be changed. The equity in recognition is enormous, whether one reads the negative C or not. It?s a sign more than anything else, large and positioned prominently along the road of France, it has become cultural. However, tasked with its complete redesign every permutation of diamond and C was explored, and proved the original?s brilliance.

The logotype was a different matter. ITC American Typewriter, only just released at the time the identity was designed, was a hindrance to any strategic shift. It said ?big, cheap and 1970?, little else. For a nation so in love with cuisine, it was wrong. A new bespoke logotype was designed that felt more caring and price neutral, also linking with the C in the symbol…

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